Foreign body Removal

Introduction of Foreign Body Removal

Endoscopic foreign body retrieval means the removal of ingested objects from the oesophagus, stomach, and duodenum by endoscopic techniques. It doesn’t involve surgery but encompasses a variety of practices employed through the removal, manipulation, and gasping of foreign bodies through a gastroscope.

The procedure is performed under conscious sedation. Many techniques are described to remove foreign bodies from the oesophagus and stomach. Usually, the oesophagus is protected with an overtube, through which the gastroscope and retrieved objects are passed.

When you need a foreign body removal ?

When a person consumes an object, it cannot pass through the gastrointestinal tract; that object is a foreign body. It can result in systemic toxicity, intestinal tract obstruction, infection, or abdominal lining if it stays inside a person.

Preparation for Foreign Body removal

To remove a foreign object from the digestive tract, doctors perform an EGD. Before the procedure, you will receive a sedative to relax and make you drowsy, letting you fall asleep.

To perform an EGD, doctors make use of an endoscope. The flexible, long tube has a lighted camera at its channels and tip to insert instruments through the scope.

Treatment at Sun Care Center

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